ATHLETES Protein - 20g Whey Isolate Probiotic Protein Bar - Preferred post any workout

For the first time in India, we are providing probiotic protein bar. Probiotics are our friends when it comes to the immune, gut health and digestion. Probiotics help our body to absorb vital nutrients including protein. Our product is made to provide you 150 million (15 Crores) CFU of Probiotic (Bacillus Coagulants). This is a heat resistant probiotic where you can keep the product in room temperature.

Athletes Protein Bar

SIRIMIRI proudly presents 20g Protein Bar (65g Net Weight) which is primarily made with WHEY ISOLATES. WHEY is an excellent source of protein with more than 100% bio absorption. It means that when consumed, all the protein will be digested. When it comes to types of Whey, Whey ISOLATES are the purest form of Whey available. It is purified form of Whey where all the impurities of regular whey are removed. It will be very friendly on your stomach.