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Pearl Millet Ganji is known as Kambu Koozh in Tamil, Sajje Ambli in Kannada and Telugu.

This is a nutritious and delicious breakfast for people of all ages. It takes lot of effort to make and the know how to make is not available to everyone.

But everyone in this fast paced world needs it. We have developed original Pearl Millet Ganji in INSTANT form. No Cooking Needed.
Diabetic Friendly Product ( Low Glycemic Index)

Boil 300ml of water and mix one pouch of Instant Pearl Millet Ganji (45g)

Mix Well and leave for few minutes till it gets to room temperature

Mix Curd (150ml)

Your Instant Pearl Millet Ganji (Koozh/ Ambli) is ready to consume


Pearl Millet (Kambu/Sajje) , Spices and Condiments .

Pearl Millet (Kambu/Sajje)

Spices and Condiments