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Freedom is won when our minds can think on its own without the influence of any other person – celebrity or not. Are we thinking for ourselves? We are free and healthy when our minds are free from junk recommendations from so called celebrities.

Recently, I watched a commercial where one of the famous cricketers is stylishly eating junk food and telling the audience “It is healthy and tasty! It is baked!” He is a well fit top athlete. It is ludicrous for him to claim junk as healthy! When junk is baked – it is still junk. If that was the food he is eating, he would only be in the side-lines watching the game – not playing! The very next day from the day campaign started, I could see that junk in every shop in the neighborhood.

Our young minds are not free yet! Those minds are always looking for someone to tell what is good. That someone is always there to take them for ride and in that process making a lot of money. I would suspect that our celebrities who are selling junk food as perfectly healthy food, would have caused so much damage to health of our young than many famines put together. It is not an exaggeration.

There was a top, gorgeous actress, peddling junk noodle which is high in simple carb, loaded with preservative as perfect health food for her (stage) child in the TV commercial. What is good for her child should be good for yours also. Right? At times, I would feel like screaming at the gullibility of our population.

The celebrities who propagate non-sense, needs to turn moral and attain high standards. I won’t be alive to see that day – and neither are the future generations. Well – it is not going to happen. Their shelf life is much shorter than our healthy natural food products. They are in a hurry to cash in whatever they can and as fast as they can. You and your health are last in their priority list.

We have to make an effort to liberate our minds, young or old to think freely. It requires education (not academic) and knowledge as a result. It is not the job of a movie star or a sports star or an ‘intellectual’ to tell you what you should do or what you should eat or what is good for you. It is pure nonsense and a sign of slavery. Let the young minds as well as body be healthy and free. India is a collection of her citizens. Correct? Let us be free. Else, we cannot build a strong India.

Our great poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar said this

When will our thirst for freedom be quenched?
When will our lust for slavery be slayed?

We are all born in the same soil where once he lived.

Let us remember that

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