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After several years of persuasion, my parents decided move closer to me to live. Fiercely independent they are, that is as close as it can get. Next building that is!

Father is 92 and mother is 84 and at least my father believes he is much younger than those numbers make us believe. But then, things can get tough. We had to change her medication and not all went well. She got very ill - found it hard to walk - hard to eat - it is as if someone has robbed the energy out of her. One day, she looked at me with the weak, deep eyes and asked me - Am I going to live?

It is not the question I am prepared for if comes from someone like my mother. Our body is a complex engine. It continues to run as long as the maintenance is done well. But there is always a time when the engine is going to give up. I just took her wrinkled hands into my lap held it softly. I did not know how to reassure her but I wanted to try.

I touched the hands gently and asked her Do you know how much you would have cooked for us with this hand? You worked a lot! So many years in village taking care of us!

She smiled I am sure she felt proud It was her life work. The doubt she had probably gone or diminished. Pride and confidence took over. I thought I made some difference to her that day!

Over the period of few days after that, my thinking revolved around health and well-being at a different level. It is now our profession to provide the best possible nutrition food products to our customers. We believe a man (or a women) is nothing without good health.

This incident with my mother made me to think about what would health and well-being mean to an older couple such as my parents? It struck me so hard that growing old is a privilege, but after that, it is the people who we surround with - people who can sit and talk to us is all that matters. Some one who can listen to my adventures or otherwise I might have done long ago!

I pictured myself at 90 and my son travelling to see me, only to listen to the things of my past that he might have listened many times over from me! Or, me sitting and looking him with pride on what he has done with his life and that room full of grandchildren I aspire to have!

Life is about forward investments. What we do to ourselves now helps us for the next ten years. If we eat well, exercise well, then the future years of health is taken care of. If we treat people well, be it children, parents or friends, they come around to us when we need the most. Health and well-being require all round performance. Healthy natural nutritious food is only a one aspect of that.

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