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I am not a professional athlete at any stretch of an imagination. But I think of myself a 52-year-old amateur one.

Just so that you get confidence on what you are going to read, my last three half marathon running timing in the picture above. These are not part of any race. I just run regularly to keep myself fit. Each done on last three Sundays. Since swimming pools are not open yet, I shall continue on road exercise for some time.

Running, swimming or cycling - all are intensely individualistic activities. It requires us to understand our own body and mind well. It is critical to do these activities at optimum level of energy.

I am frustrated at products peddled to athletes in the name of low calorie, zero sugar, low carb etc. I am sure lot of our populace depends on the guidance from film stars and celebrities on what they should eat or which brand is better for them. Of course, film stars and celebrities know it all!

But my blog is intended to those who want to understand the right food consumption and the basics. There are just three simple basic rules towards endurance. This forms the foundation for any endurance sport.

One of the best experiences to me after running long distances (half marathon) or swimming in the range of 3 to 5km is the stress on the body and resulting pain that lasts. The pain is in main part due to the micro muscle tears. Protein helps to build and repair the muscle. This process makes our muscle strong.

Whey Isolates are the best in bio availability. Protein absorption will be at its best and help in recovery if you consume post the workout activity. Look for products with high protein in easily absorbable form. This is simple rule No.1

Why do you want low carb food? What you need is complex carbohydrates. Without life giving carbohydrates, the fuel, what can we do? Just make sure you take complex carbohydrates. After that long run, I can digest a stone! Let the body take the complex carbs and work on it. Avoid simple sugar and make wholegrain as major part of your diet. Look for products with high fibre and low in simple sugar. This is rule No 2.

Total Fat - Each gram of fat translates into 9 Calories. The calorie cost is pretty steep. Keep the saturated fat low and unsaturated fat high in your consumption. Just consume lot of nuts and seeds. You cannot avoid saturated fat completely - but as long as at least equal amount of unsaturated fat is going into your body, you should be just fine. Look for products with lot of nuts and seeds with high amount of poly and mono unsaturated fats. This is rule 3.

And finally, have fun with workouts with good intensity. Enjoy the day.

We are in pandemic and it is very important that you keep yourself safe and maintain distance with others during your workouts. Take all the precautions, advises given by Government bodies. Uncrowded outdoors is better than indoors. Keep fit and stay safe.

Thank you
Rajan S

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