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As per the report from Economic Times, demand for noodles ( I assume instant ones) grew by 30%, salty snacks by 13.3% and bottled soft drinks by 67% ( Sugar water)

We have an opportunity to eat well and live well. But we as humans are very good at the art of self-destruction of health. If we eat this level of salt and sugar, what miracles are we expecting to improve the health of the nation! This is very disturbing.

Human body is highly resilient. During the young age, it can handle all these junks but at some point, it gives up. Loading of excessive amount of salt and sugar infested junk is destroying our current and future generations.

It could show mostly in lifestyle impacting diseases be it diabetes or kidney issues. Remember, money will not give happiness when health is absent.

Companies who produce and sell these products make millions in profit because these junks are easy to sell and the margins are extremely high. But, customers, you are on your own. Their profits will not help you pay your hospital bills and loss of your productive years.
If this trend continues, we are going to face severe crisis as a nation with obese, diabetic, struggling population.


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