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What does it take to build a brand overnight?

We can raise a few million dollars and give a good share to Facebook, Instagram and Google and keep bombarding advertisements to you, the unsuspecting audiences. You keep seeing the same name and banner where ever you go, you may think it is a popular brand.

And let us spend tons on money on leading online market places and get the product shown in the front page always. Let the customers buy the product not because they wanted it, but they happened to see it every now and then! That is why lot of muesli sold in the marketplaces are not really muesli. They are all just cereals. Why are those called muesli? Because our customers do not know the real product yet!

An image is created for the brand. As long as brand does not mind losing the money and there is someone else footing the bill for all the loses.

In the whole game, only three aspects seem to be important valuation, valuation, valuation . Product and customers do not fit in this grand scheme. Lots of the brands do not even produce the products they sell it is all outsourced!

You see, we are not in show business. No matter how much money is poured, some fundamental aspects do never change. Brands cannot be built overnight. Only an illusion of brand value can be!

Building a brand is more like raising a child. It takes 16 to 18 years of hard work and patience to nurture a child into a responsible adult. Building a brand is no different.

Brand needs to get its value because of how good the product is, how genuine the efforts are and how much value it provides the customer (no, I am not talking about buy one get one free stunt!)

However old schooled the concept may sound, just take a look around and see brands like Tata, Amul, Apple, Reliance.

It has taken generations to build the credibility and value. It is because of sheer hard work, vision and focus towards the customers. All were and still are trying to solve a customer problem. Not building castles in thin air!

SIRIMIRI, from day one, continue to focus on products and its customers. We indeed are taking the hard path - not a well-travelled one. Some journeys are not meant to be easy.

We bet on you, our dear customers. We believe that you and you alone matter. If history has any lesson to teach, this is the most accurate fact.

We believe, you will look for the genuine good products where your interests come first. You may not see us in every browser you open and in every popup that distracts.

But, we know, once you try our products, you would need no such popups!

Have a wonderful holiday season. Stay healthy!

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