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Nostalgia is more like history. One who does not know history and roots of where he or she came from does not deserve much of a chance in life challenges. Knowing your past helps to keep the foot firmly on the ground.

You see, we were in poverty during our childhood. Family of 8 could not feed well with a teacher’s salary with children in school and in colleges. During 70s, poverty meant not having sufficient food to eat.

While poverty is very cruel on a growing childhood, there are somethings we were forced to do, looking back, actually did good to us. As a starter, we had to walk 8 kilometers back and forth every day to school. When you cannot afford bicycle, you are on your legs!

My father, who is 92, living with us now, had to cycle 16 kilometers everyday for 30 years of his teacher service. There is no money to for any other medium of transport. Our family used to worry so much that he had to struggle to provide for us. Rice used to be a luxury but millet such as Ragi used to be a cheaper alternative which we liberally used.

In a way, we were forced to be active and fit. Whatever we could eat, was good and nutritious. Nutritious not by design but that was all we could afford!

Fast forward to current world, we have to educate our children on nutrition and necessity of eating proper food because, junk food is so plenty nowadays, we are spoiling several generations in one shot! I want my son to have a healthy adulthood and have a fabulous life with many grandkids. I am sure you all want the same to your kids as well.

Today, I consider myself healthy and fit. It is a gift I have received from my parents and grandparents. We just have to pass it on to the next generation. What does it cost us to do? Lot of money? Big car? Palatial house?

No. It is absolute nonsense!

Play well | Eat well | Eat Right| and in Summary Be Active. That is all there is to it.

Rarely our children do any of it today. It is our responsibility to the next generation to educate and make things right for them. What legacy do we want to leave? Let us lead by example.

Think about it